Semester I

Code No. Course Subject
BL-101 I English –I
BL-102 II Sociology -I
BL-103 III Political Science-I
BL-104 IV Economics - I
BL-105 V History - I
Semester II    
Code No. Course Subject
BL-201 VI English –II
BL-202 VII Sociology -II
BL-203 VIII Political Science-II
BL-204 IX Economics - II
BL-205 X Law of Test
Semester III    
Code No. Course Subject
BL-301 XI English –III
BL-302 XII Hindi – I or Legal Essay (Hindi & English)
BL-303 XIII Political Science-III
BL-304 XIV Contract - I
BL-305 XV History of Courts & Legislature (India)
Semester IV    
Code No. Course Subject
BL-401 XVI English –IV
BL-402 XVII Hindi – II
BL-403 XVIII Political Science-IV
BL-404 XIX Human Rights Prot. & Remedies
BL-405 XX History - II



Semester V

Code No. Subject
BL-501 Jurisprudence & Comparative Law
BL-502 Contract - II
BL-503 Constitutional Law - I
BL-504 Codified Law – Hindu Law
BL-505 Indian Penal Code

Semester VI

Code No. Subject
BL-601 International Law
BL-602 Environmental Law
BL-603 Constitutional Law - II
BL-604 Muslim Law
BL-605 Transfer of Property Act

Semester VII

Code No. Subject
BL-701 Company Law
BL-702 Labour Law
BL-703 Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
BL-704 Insurance Law and Accident Claim

Professional Ethics, Accountability for Lawyers and Bar-Bench Relations (Practical Paper)


Semester VIII

Code No. Subject
BL-801 Administrative Law
BL-802 Arbitration Law & ADRS
BL-803 Intellectual Property Law
BL-804 Banking Laws & Negotiable Instrument Act
BL-805 Drafting of Pleadings & Conveyancing (Practical Paper)

Semester IX

Code No. Subject
BL-901 Law of Evidence, Limitation Act
BL-902 Cr. P.C.
BL-903 C.P.C.
BL-904 Consumer Protection Laws & Competition Act
BL-905 Moot Court, Pre-Trial Preparations & Participation in Trial Proceedings (Practical Paper)

Semester X

Code No. Subject
BL-911 Z.A. Act & L.R. Act.
BL-912 Law of Taxation
BL-913 Cyber Laws
BL-914 Indian Judicial Systems – Problems & Solutions
BL-915 Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid & Pare- Legal Services
 (Practical Paper)


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