Spacious well ventilated split- level classrooms with wi-fi facilities and LCDs facilitate the teaching � learning process in a hi-tech environment where teaching inputs and text books can be accessed at the same time.


There is a well stocked library with over 5000 books covering all possible aspects of interest for students. Reference books of both Indian and foreign authors, case study collection, Indian and International journals on various topics are available. Aesthetically furnished, the library is open through out the college time. The library information is computerized, and has facilities for reprography too.

Computer Lab

The use of information and communication technology and its tools in the field of education has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. Technology has entered the classroom in the big way to become part of the teaching and the learning process. The web gas rendered knowledge and has created a unique playing field where the small and the smart enterprises can indeed challenge the large and mighty in this �FLAT WORLD�.

SDCL campus is technology driven with a wi-fi environment and fully networked with 100 MBPS LAN. Availability of computers fully networked with 100 MBPS LAN. Availability of software that students are likely too need with well trained staff to help students.


Beautiful and spacious cafeteria is operative within the campus, where students get a lot of relaxation and enjoy their leisure time. Cafeteria serves hygienically cooked meals, snacks and beverages at reasonable prices.


SDCL has well equipped sports complex where Table-Tennis, Carom, Chess and other indoor games are played. SDCL has Badminton Court and Basket Ball Court in the campus. National and International Tournaments are organized from time to time and sports week is also celebrated.

Conference Hall

Well equipped, air- conditioned conference hall with latest audio-video presentation techniques and interactive interface for the group discussions, presentations and management development programs.

Personality Development Programme

The biggest asset of an individual is his personality. SDCL is committed to conduct personality development programmes with the objective of developing overall personality of the students so that the best within each student is brought out.


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